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Going for a walk around Corralejo - Lines I and II

Going for a walk around Corralejo - Lines I and II - Map

Phespirit completed two walks around Corralejo.

  1. Lajares - Calderón Honda - Buyayo - Corralejo   [appr. 14km]

    Phespirit started from the bus stop at the football ground in Lajares [A] and began walking up the road on the east side of the ground, toward the nearest volcano. After quarter of an hour, immediately past the last house, he stepped off the right side of the road and on to the cross-country trails. He ignored the sign for 'Corralejo', pointing down a track perpendicular to the road, and instead continued directly towards the volcano. The trail starts wide enough for vehicles, but after twenty minutes it narrows to a metre-wide cobbled stone path. Half an hour from leaving the road, the path forks; Phespirit headed left, up to the summit of the extinct volcano known as Calderón Hondo [B]. Back at the main path, he continued onward to a made road, veering around the west side of a series of peaks. Just before passing some roadside markers that indicate a water-pipe beneath the road, Phespirit detoured left to where an ancient volcanic gas bubble had split open. On the road again, after ten minutes he veered off to the right, following a barely perceptible trail up the ridge of peaks. Twenty-five minutes later he was on the summit of Bayuyo [C], which overlooks Corralejo. From starting the descent, it took forty-five minutes over rough terrain and through some industrialised territory to get out onto smart roads at the outskirt of Corralejo, from where it was but a short walk back to his hotel [H].

  2. Corralejo - Majanichio - El Cotillo   [appr. 22km]

    It took Phespirit half an hour to walk from his hotel [H] to Corralejo's bus station at the northwest corner of town. Here is the start of the dirt-road that leads around the north coast. After an hour and three-quarters of steady walking on this road he reached the small hamlet of Majanichio [A], where he detoured down to the edge of the coast to watch surfers doing not much surfing. Back on the road, after a quarter of an hour he reached a long sandy beach, at the end of which surfers were gathered in numbers to do their thing on large barrelling waves. Forty minutes on from the long beach he was at a mottled sandy bay - Playa Blanca - with a single yellow hut (deserted) to one side. Round this bay, the Faro de Tostón lighthouse comes into view for the first time. Ten minutes later Phespirit was at the sandy end of a deep, narrow inlet known as Caleta Beatriz [B]. He rested here for half an hour. Ten minutes after resuming he was at another bay that was thronging with surfers, beyond which was a sandy beach that stretched for several hundred metres. Time for second half-hour break. After a last twenty-minute spell of walking on the dirt road he reached the well-made road that connects the lighthouse with El Cotillo. Three-quarters of an hour heading south on this road and he was at the main bus station of El Cotillo [C], six hours twenty minutes after leaving the bus station of Corralejo.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a good local map when setting out on these walks; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or tumbling into a volcano.

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