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Phespirit goes to Fuerteventura
Corralejo     February 2011


Map of Fuerteventura

1 Corralejo

Phespirit stayed in a low-budget self-catering resort forty-minutes' hike from the golden Grandes Playas, and a twenty-minutes walk from the heart of Corralejo town. A good compromise. Every other day on the beach; every evening to a restaurant in town.

It's a tourist town, inoffensive, but not charming.

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2 Lajares

A little cluster of white-washed dwellings inter-woven with dark low walls of volcanic stone: this is Lajares.

It also has a bus stop near a football ground at the town outskirts. It was here that Phespirit arrived from Corralejo on a number eight bus, and from here that Phespirit promptly departed cross-country on the volcano route back to Corralejo.

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3 El Cotillo

El Cotillo squats at the end of a northern dirt track from Corralejo. Phespirit hiked in from the north, passed through to the main bus stop at the south and then, with time to kill, walked a few metres further to see the seventeenth century Castillo de El Tostón.

This coastal defense tower was built on the ruins of an earlier fort, Castillo de Rico Roque, which is what Phespirit appeared to think he was looking at when he previously visited in 2001.

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4 Isla de Lobos

The crossing between Corralejo and Isla de Lobos takes a bit over half an hour. Ferries depart at the following times:

Corralejo Isla de Lobos
10:00 10:15
12:00 12:15
13:00 13:45
15:30 16:00

Phespirit was on board the first boat out of Corralejo, and the last one returning from Lobos. The five and half hours in between were easily filled with leisurely walking, taking breaks at the lighthouse and the western beach, and the hike up 122m 'La Caldera'.

It was a day Phespirit could happily repeat on any future visit.

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  1. Corralejo
  2. Lajares
  3. El Cotillo
  4. Isla de Lobos
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Corralejo Lajaras El Cotillo Isla de Lobos