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Phespirit goes to Croatia
Zagreb     March 2011


Map of Croatia

1 Zagreb

Good value hotel accommodation is thin on the ground in Zagreb, so instead Phespirit stayed at Camera Felice on the west side of the city. This private apartment offers two renovated rooms, each immaculately decorated with all mod-cons, each with private toilet and shower unit. There are no meals or self-catering facilities, but this is no problem at €35 per night.

The location at Trg Vladka Mačeka 2 puts it within fifteen minutes walking distance of the city centre. Phespirit only turned to public transport when heading out of the city.


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2 Krapinske Toplice

Seemed a pleasant enough town, 45km northwest of Zagreb at an altitude of 155m. It trades on having four thermal sources of spring water with temperatures between 39-41°C.

The town's spa hotels proudly boast that this area has been rated as having the sixth best quality thermal water in Europe (by whom and when, is not clear).

All very well but Phespirit arrived by mistake. He was supposed to be visiting Tuheljske Toplice instead.

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3 Tuheljske Toplice

Phespirit came here to visit Terme Tuhelj where it is said one may "surrender to total relaxation in the green oasis of Zagorje".

Having had three days of practically non-stop walking and freezing temperatures in the Croatian capital, he was ready for warmth and idle comfort. This place provided it. 90 kuna (£10.57) for an all-day ticket.

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  1. Zagreb
  2. Krapinske Toplice
  3. Tuheljske Toplice
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Zagreb Krapinske Toplice Tuheljske Toplice