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Phespirit goes to Germany
Bremen     July 2011


Map of Germany

1 Bremen

Phespirit booked four nights' basic bed and breakfast at the Hotel Mercure Hanseatic Bremen: a large inelegant structure just fifteen minutes' walk north of the airport and thirty minutes' walk from the city centre. The price was right.

The walk to and from the centre each day was rather dull. Only on the return leg one evening was it enlivened by a man on a bike - in his late fifties and very drunk - weaving unpredictably across cycle lane and footpath. When Phespirit next saw him five minutes later both he and his bicycle were horizontal in the road having been hit by a car.

Mericifully all parties appeared to have escaped serious harm but were greatly sobered by the experience.

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2 Bremerhaven

There is much of interest in the Deutsche Schiffahrtsmuseum (the German maritime museum) at Bremerhaven harbour, but its prime attraction is its World War II U-boat, originally U-2540, now known as the "Wilhelm Bauer".

Its interior is immaculately restored with helpful notices in English throughout. One of these is attached to an "Electric Machine" - a main traction motor. Developed by Siemens under the code word 'Hertha' - after the director's secretary - it is a "10 pole, separately excited shunt-wound motor". She must have been quite a woman.

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  1. Bremen
  2. Bremerhaven
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