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Going for a walk around Maspalomas

Going for a walk around Maspalomas - Line - Map

Phespirit completed one walk around Maspalomas.

  1. Arteara - Ayagaura - Los Palmitos   [appr. 17km]

    A half-hour bus ride took Phespirit from Maspalomas to Arteara [A]. From the GC60 highway a fifteen minute stroll along the main road through the village then brought him to the visitor centre of the Parque Arqueológico de Arteara. Within the parque, footpath 'B' twists for ten minutes through the Guanche cemetery, where it formally ends at an elevated viewing platform. The path continues beyond a 'no entry' sign, along a steepish set of short switchbacks for fifteen minutes, to reach the rough track that passes above the Parque. Turning left towards the south, this track leads all the way into the town of Ayagaura. Phespirit continued: thirty minutes to reach an arched bridge at the head of a mini barranco (valley); ten minutes to the head of Barranco de los Vicentillos; forty-five minutes to the head of Barranco de los Vicentes; forty minutes to round the tip of the next ridge and begin the descent to Ayagaura. Another thirty-five minutes and Phespirit was standing on Embalse de Ayagaures [B], the dam that holds back a large reservoir of water at the head of Barranco de la Data at the beginning of the town itself. Including a couple of rest stops, Phespirit had hiked for three and a half hours in total between the arrivals at Arteara and Ayagaura. Turning left from the dam and then taking the steep first right in Ayagaura the hike continued, along a well-made road for just short of an hour, to the top of the next ridge. Down the other side the squawks and cries of tropical birds at Palmitos Park could be heard. There are two rough footpath turns close together at the top of the ridge. Phespirit took the second of these, passing one 'no entry' sign and descending to another at a hotel car park. He continued on along the road leading down from the hotel, passing Palmitos Park's dolphin pool and arriving at ..... a large, heavy-duty locked service gate. Clearly he had strayed into the maintenance area of Palmitos Park. After a quick assessment of escape options he thought better of attempting to scale the gate or scrambling off-road, higher up the ridge. Instead he slithered on his back through a 30cm gap below the fence at the left-side of the gate. Judging by the flattened grasses here, he wasn't the first to try the move. He emerged slightly scratched and sore directly into Palmitos Park's car and coach park [C]. Two minutes later he was on a bus returning to Maspalomas.

DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that visitors take a good local map when setting out on these walks; Phespirit accepts no responsibility if the use of this web page results in visitors becoming lost, injured, maimed, killed or trapped with dolphins.

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