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Phespirit goes to Gran Canaria
Maspalomas     November/December 2011


Map of Gran Canaria

1 Maspalomas

Continuing from his previous visit, Phespirit looked no further than El Nublo steakhouse in the Faro 2 complex when dining out each evening. Whilst its unremarkable location and low prices suggest nothing special, the quality and presentation of food, the attention to detail, the excellent service, and the generous helping of honey rum that comes complementary with the bill make this Phespirit's favourite place to eat anywhere in the Canary Islands.

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2 Arteara

Arteara is the first noteable inhabited speck on the GC60 highway that reaches from the south to the centre of the island.

From the roadside it is noticeable for its small valley of palms and assorted other greenery, not to mention its well signposted camel park. Guidebooks also mark it as the site of an ancient Guanche cemetery (now an archaeological park), and start point for a three and a half hour hike west to Ayagaura.

It was for the latter purpose that Phespirit rocked up.

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3 Ayagaura

The rarest of settlements on the Canary islands ..... a town with a vast reservoir of water. A few posh-looking villas, too.

Phespirit passed through it on his hike across the barrancos from Arteara to Palmitos Park.

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4 San Bartolomé

Phespirit spent a pleasant hour strolling around small, sunny San Bartolomé. It has a traditional Canarian town hall, which shares a public square with a large 19th century church; there are a couple of modest sculptures close by; a couple of panoramic view points; and a traditional tile oven. There are several more little curiosities, all helpfully numbered and set out on maps dotted around town.

A good effort.

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5 La Culata

A tiny village at the heart of Gran Canaria, in the shadow of Roque Nublo. Sadly, having walked past vineyards and dramatic vistas to reach it Phespirit, would only get aquainted with its bus shelter. A constant fine rain disuaded him from proceding any further.

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  1. Maspalomas
  2. Arteara
  3. Ayagaura
  4. San Bartolomé
  5. La Culata
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Maspalomas Arteara Ayagaura San Bartolomé La Culata