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Phespirit goes to Germany
Leipzig     January 2012


Map of Germany

1 Leipzig

For a short break in Leipzig, Phespirit can recommend residing at the Hotel Adler-Leipzig. It's about forty minutes' walk from the city centre but there's an S-bahn station right outside the front door.

Its rooms are comfortable, warm and modern; the breakfast buffet is filling; the Internet access is free; and the price is good.

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2 Halle

Here Phespirit visited: the twin-spired Marktkirche that dominates the old centre; Händel-Haus where the eponymous composer was born; and Stiftung Moritzburg, a castle full of 19/20th century art.

Most exceptional of all was the Nebra Sky Disk, on display at the Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte. A rare object indeed.

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  1. Leipzig
  2. Halle
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Leipzig Halle