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Phespirit goes to Mallorca
Ca'n Picafort     May 2012


Map of Mallorca

1 Ca'n Picafort

A medium-sized town, pleasant-enough, almost completely given over to tourism. Phespirit only passed through it on his way to the beach or to make use of an Internet café. It's not the sort of place he would make a detour to admire but it made an admirable base for a pleasant week of sunshine.

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2 Son Serra de Marina

After heading southeast out of Ca'n Picafort and walking along the wilderness coast, Son Serra de Marina is the first developed area encountered.

It's small and lifeless and soulless, and Phespirit only troubled to pass through it a couple of times.

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3 Colònia de Sant Pere

Leaving Son Serra de Marina and continuing eastwards along the coast, the next town is Colònia de Sant Pere.

It is a little sleepy and too remote to be throbbing with tourists yet it is infinitely more lively Son Serra de Marina and has promenade of cafés and restaurants that seems quite pleasant.

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4 Alcúdia

Luckily Phespirit was one of the first on the bus from Ca'n Picafort to Alcúdia. After a handful of stops it was standing-room only. The vast majority of visitors were drawn by the town's Sunday market, but Phespirit was there for the history.

He visited the Església de Sant Jaume, the Museu Monografic de Pollèntia, Pollèntia archaelogical site, and took a walk around the tops of the mediæval walls. That was his limit of a roasting day.

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5 Pollença

A stiflingly hot airless day was possibly not the best time to head inland to visit the old city of Pollença. Phespirit tried to do most of his sightseeing in the shade.

He visited the Església de Santa Maria de Déu de Roser adjacent to the Museu de Pollença; next on to Església de la Mare de Déu dels Àngels, Casa-Museu Dionis Bennassar, and up the steps to Oratori del Calvari.

Energy-sapping stuff.

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6 Port de Pollença

If truth be told, Phespirit only visited here to catch the connecting bus to Pollença. Seemed a pleasant enough place though, with a nice marina and some small, well-used beaches.

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  1. Ca'n Picafort
  2. Son Serra de Marina
  3. Colònia de Sant Pere
  4. Alcúdia
  5. Pollença
  6. Port de Pollença
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Ca'n Picafort Son Serra de Marina Colònia de Sant Pere Alcúdia Pollença Port de Pollença