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Phespirit goes to Croatia
Pula     July 2012


Map of Croatia

1 Pula

Satisfied - Phespirit was satisfied with his stay at Hotel Veli Jože. At €40 per night, it could have been a glorified broom cupboard. In fact the room was spacious, comfortable and clean. The breakfast buffet was fit to fill up from, and its location was a mere 15 minute walk of the centre.

Dissatisfied - Dining at Pizzeria Jupiter, well reviewed by the 2011 Lonely Planet guide to Croatia. Only a bandsaw would have sliced through the pizza base in fewer than six attempts; a dog under an adjacent table was permitted to bark and whine throughout; lastly, after waiting half-an-hour for the promised bill, Phespirit just upped and left, thrusting his money into the startled matriarch's hand on the way out. Too bad.

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2 Veliki Brijun

Josip Broz Tito, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia from 1943-1963, and President from 1953 until his death 1980, made the Brijuni Islands his home for six months of his last thirty years.

Since 1983 the islands have been a national park, but the spectre of Tito looms large across them: his villa, his car, his animals, his plants, his guests.

But eventually the blue skies and blue seas clean away the past. The beauty of the present, the moment, is left to enjoy. So enjoy.

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3 Rt Kamenjak

It's 30 minutes by bus from Pula to the village of Premantura. And it's a further ten minutes' walk from the heart of Premantura to the entrance of Rt Kamenjak wilderness park.

The southern tip of Istria has a raw beauty to it, but getting away from it all is tricky when hundreds of others share the same idea. There's enough wilderness, however, to make the trip worthwhile.

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  1. Pula
  2. Veliki Brijun
  3. Rt Kamenjak
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