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Phespirit goes to Fuerteventura
Jandía     November/December 2012


Map of Fuerteventura

1 Cofete

Over halfway into his hike from Jandía to Cofete, Phespirit was hit by a rainy squal. He duly had a change of heart and started back. Twenty minutes later he caught a glimpse of distant sun, changed his mind again and - in the face of high winds - went for it.

On the high saddle of the mountain pass the wind was so strong it almost lifted him off his feet. Still he pushed on.

And all for a tiny ramshackle village with just one restaurant and a vast swathe of wave-pounded unspoiled beach, too cold to enjoy.

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2 Jandía

Phespirit stayed at the Stella Paradise within the sprawling Stella Canarias complex of hotels, villas and apartments. The location of the complex is superb, nearly directly opposite the Faro de Morro Jable. Phespirit's room was spacious and had a fine sea view.

The size of the complex meant it was a good ten minute walk just to get to the front gate by the main road - a sole inconvenience.

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3 Costa Calma

Costa Calma was a mere bus stop for Phespirit. For others it has a fairly large knot of hotels overlooking beaches with bars and sun loungers, and there are a few residential blocks inland.

Standard stuff. Fair enough.

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4 Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is a purpose-built resort town smaller than Jandía and with comparatively tiny beaches.

In Jandía every accent had been German and everybody spoke to Phespirit in German. Here all the tourists are British and the town is geared towards British tastes.

Phespirit felt he was going home in instalments.

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  1. Cofete
  2. Jandía
  3. Costa Calma
  4. Calete de Fuste
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Cofete Jandía Costa Calma Calete de Fuste