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Phespirit goes to Poland
Katowice     January 2013


Map of Poland

1 Katowice

Built in the 1960s, Hotel Katowice is hulking, grey and graceless, but Phespirit's ninth-floor room was warm, recently painted, in full working order and good value.

The buffet breakfast was routine stuff, so for nicer eating Phespirit recommends Restaurant Patio at ul. Stawowa 3 - a lovely interior, cosy atmosphere, good food, plenty of it and service with a smile.

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2 Chorzów

Phespirit went walkabout from Katowice city centre to the Park of Culture and Recreation. Apparently this huge space is technically in Chorzów rather than Katowice but Phespirit didn't see the join.

The park is at its best during summer - the funfair was hibernating beneath heavy snow - but Phespirit wandered around admiring the winter scenery anyway before cold finally got the better of him.

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3 Zabrze

Zabrze is a fairly ugly functional urban mass compared to its near neighbour Gliwice. A complete lack of aestetic appeal made it no hardship for Phespirit to spend more time beneath the surface at Guido coal mine than actually roaming its gloomy streets.

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4 Gliwice

Phespirit liked Gliwice. It has a Rynek - Polish main square - with attractive architecture on all sides and a modest but proportionate central building with a clock tower.

It has an interesting history museum in its castle; a wooden radio tower of architectural and historic global significance; and yet how many people outside Poland even know the name Gliwice?

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5 Czeladź

A quarter of an hour bus ride north of Katowice, Phespirit travelled to Czeladź to pass the day at Termy Rzymskie. It is claimed that this spa complex is based on plans identical to those of the baths at Pompeii. Phespirit was happy just to be somewhere warm.

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  1. Katowice
  2. Chorzów
  3. Zabrze
  4. Gliwice
  5. Czeladź
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Katowice Chorzów Zabrze Gliwice Czeladź