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Phespirit goes to Gran Canaria
Maspalomas     March 2013


Map of Gran Canaria

1 Maspalomas

The great dunescape of Maspalomas is hemmed in by the resorts of Maspalomas to the north and west, and Playa del Inglés to the north and east. The latter is big, bright, and alive to the desires of its fun-loving masses; Maspalomas is somnolent by comparison.

That's why Phespirit favours it, even though the magnificent beach is equally accessible from both.

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2 Playa del Inglés

Phespirit wandered the streets of Playa del Inglés by day only but concluded that this was a resort around which anyone could roam at ease, if unfazed by the endless souvenir shops and restaurants that invariably guarantee a full English breakfast.

It's an escape, and there's much to be said for an easy escape.

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3 San Agustin

An upmarket neighbour at the east side of Playa del Inglés, it has a great beach, a mediocre church and a commercial centre where Phespirit bought a white-chocolate and strawberry Magnum. That is about as much as he can report .....

..... oh, and it has a sundial in the form of big white concrete ring.

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4 Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is the end of the road for buses going west from Maspalomas. Stops along the way: Arguineguin is a coastal town touched inoffensively by tourism; Patalavaca is a horrible high-rise hotel hell; Puerto Rico is a another sizable resort in the Playa del Inglés mould; Playa del Amadores has the most attractive golden crescent beach; Playa de Taurito is an ugly knot of hotels packed tightly into the narrowest of valley mouths.

By comparison, Puerto de Mogán is beautiful. It has a nice sandy beach, an attractive waterfront, sensitive tourist developments and a serene marina at the foot of the old fishermen's quarter.

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  1. Maspalomas
  2. Playa del Inglés
  3. San Agustin
  4. Puerto de Mogán
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Maspalomas Playa del Inglés San Agustin Puerto de Mogán